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This light is called the "check engine light "And it may be displayed like the image above or it may just say 

service engine soon.

When this light comes on your vehicle has detected a fault in one or more of the many systems on todays vehicles.

Your vehicle may experience poor performance or no change at all in performance



The warning light pictured above is the

tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

When on, the vehicle may have 1 or more underinflated tires. Or the vehicle  has detected 1 or more tire pressure sensors that are not reading the tires air pressure


 The lights pictured above are the anti-lock braking system(ABS) and the traction control systems warning lights. If the vehicle is equipped with a traction control

system the traction control light will come on when your ABS light comes on due to how the traction control works with the ABS system. The ABS and traction control are disabled when the lights are on

Battery Light.jpg

The image above indicates a problem within the vehicles charging system. This light doesn't necessarily indicate battery failure. When on, the vehicle may not stay drivable as the electronics are operating at a low voltage

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