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It's a Family Thing


Our goal is to create an efficient place of business with a 21st century
approach. Through technology, dedication and knowledge, we strive to be the best
automotive repair shop possible. We only use high-quality parts and we do high-quality repairs.

Our father and son team, with the help of our family, is determined to be the
only facility you’ll ever need for the care and maintenance of your vehicles. We
offer a wide range of automotive services. Whether it’s an electrical problem,
brakes, an engine that needs to be repaired or just an oil change, SIX T AUTOMOTIVE
has you covered!

As a dad I’ve seen how my son has grown from tearing apart his dirt bike for
no reason to replacing engines on his newest finds and then becoming an ASE
Certified Technician. His passion has never been stronger and it shows. When the
opportunity arose for us to purchase this garage, we jumped on it! We know you
will have a great experience here at SIX T AUTOMOTIVE and we thank you for
allowing us to service your vehicle!

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